[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Comprehensive Report] "Sister Riding the Wind and Waves" has been full of topics since it was broadcast. The third season even assisted Wang Xinling, setting off "Wang Xinling Boom", "Wang Xinling Boy" and other upsurges, making people look forward to the fourth season cast , Now the list of artists and initial stages of "Sister Lang 4" has once again been circulated on the Internet. In addition to Alyssa Chia, Penny Dai, and Huaiyu Xu, "Lisa" also broke out and caused heated discussions.

Jia Jingwen (from left), Dai Peini, Xu Huaiyu.

(file photo)

The list of cast members of the fourth season of "Riding the Wind and Waves" has been continuously reposted on the Internet recently. There are Taiwanese A cafe goddesses such as Dai Penny, Jia Jingwen, Xu Huaiyu, Fan Xiaoxuan, Ella, Chen Yihan, A-lin, and South Korea's "Iron "Lung Queen" Ailee, and "Nihuang Princess" Liu Tao in "Nirvana in Fire", etc., the cast is heavyweight.

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The latest list of "Sister Lang 4" went viral on the Internet.

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In addition, "Lisa" appeared on the list, making netizens wildly guess whether it is Lisa from the South Korean pop group BLACKPINK, or LiSA, the singer of the theme song of "Ghost Slayer: Blade". Ma sang "Stay By My Side", so it is also speculated that the probability of LiSA may be higher.

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