AKAME, the most difficult-to-order restaurant in southern Taiwan, celebrates its 8th anniversary. At its sister restaurant Mathariri, it holds a market event with friendly partners to show the joy of gathering with friends and sharing the land.

(Provided by AKAME)

.AKAME 8th Anniversary Event Bazaar invites many friends to join in the event.

(Provided by AKAME)

[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] AKAME, the hardest-to-book restaurant in southern Taiwan, has always been on the pocket list of gourmets. It has just celebrated its eighth anniversary, which means that since the restaurant opened in 2015, the firewood in the mountains has been continuously lit for eight years.

Since the 5th anniversary of AKAME, it has celebrated its anniversary in different ways every year. This year, it will innovate again. It will gather its brands and dining friends to expand and hold a market in Mathariri. MATHARIRI and the takeaway brand KANE, as well as the selection platform TA by AKAME, Taipei Dasanyuan Restaurant, Kaohsiung Nanba Tianjian Genius Chef who worked together last year, and Bird Garden Yakitori and FirePlay who created the three-party joint meal party; and the beginning Let's take it easy with our close partner Man Mano.

The cheese shop, Uncle Mike's hand-baked bread specially designed for AKAME, and the well-known bakery Domoto Bakery all jointly design unique dishes for the market.

Chef Tang Zhonghong (Tommy) of Bird Garden Yakitori.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

Bird garden Yakitori charcoal-grilled chicken leg hand roll, the charcoal-grilled chicken leg meat is skillfully handled by the master, with a strong charcoal aroma, combined with finely cooked rice and salmon roe to make a hand roll, the combination of salty and fragrant is irresistible.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

FirePlay direct-fired green onions/burned butter/capers, direct-fired pork belly/yuzu pepper mustard sauce/green beans.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

FirePlay Chef Su Jiheng Nick Sor.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

Wine partners include the long-term cooperation with Weightstone Taiwan Wine, Barhome, a well-known bar in Tainan; Poets Wine Cellar, Natural Wine Specialty Wine, Xuxuan Wine, Woodcutter Wine, and Di.wine.life.

And this year, the plum wine "Ash Rose" in cooperation with the fermented food brand Rouge also has a booth, which becomes a surprise piece of the drink puzzle, making each booth unique, and making the participating guests linger. AKAME also opened 100 fans and VIPs this year. Buy tickets and join the fun.

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Weststone Winery, which brews anniversary wine for AKAME every year.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

Rouge x AKAME joint plum wine "Ash Rose" (photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

AKAME's long-term partner Xuxuan Wine.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

AKAME's long-term partner, Poet Wine Cellar.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

AKAME Chef Alex (Peng Tianen).

(Provided by AKAME) Chef Alex (Peng Tianen) believes that the reverse of 8 is similar to the important symbol of the Rukai tribe, the "butterfly".

Deciding on this theme is also looking forward to AKAME becoming a messenger with a message, flying to different places in 2023.

And this expectation begins with the annual anniversary market.

Alex mentioned that the 8th anniversary of the market is to hope that everyone can get together again in spite of their busy schedules. Usually everyone is busy with their careers and many things, but I hope that we can get together on this special day and look forward to getting better and better. In the future, everyone will continue to help each other and combine to create many infinities, just like the meaning represented by the number 8, and like butterflies flying around, helping each other.

At the same time, he hopes that everyone can feel what AKAME has done in relatively remote places, and let everyone know what can be done in remote places, and share the people, things, things and everything that they love each other.

Weightstone Taiwan Wine, which has been cooperating with AKAME for a long time, tailor-made the latest work KABAVANE No.8 pink sparkling wine for AKAME.

(Provided by AKAME)

According to the usual practice in previous years, Weightstone Taiwan Wine cooperates with AKAME for anniversary wine every year. The latest work KABAVANE No.8 pink sparkling wine made its debut at the event.

With the 2022 summer dark red wine as the main body, it has a lively and tense flavor. At the same time, it is made with 2021 aged red wine and mixed with millet wine residue, and finally undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle to become this fine and micro-bubbly wine. wine works.

Blooming in an elegant rose red, the full-bodied lychee aroma explodes with the bubbles.

It has a pleasing berry flavor, and the brewing of millet distiller's grains adds a sense of roundness, bringing out the classic slightly bitter aftertaste of AKAME's anniversary wine, which is very suitable for drinking in spring and summer afternoons.

"This is a wine that tastes very comfortable; it brings different works to everyone every year, recording the terroir of each year and the appearance of AKAME over time." Chef Alex (Pang Tianen) said.

Wine can be ordered on TA by AKAME official website.

Chef Peng Tianen of AKAME (left) shared the brewing process of the 8th anniversary commemorative wine with Vivian Yang, owner of Weststone Vineyard.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) Yang Renya (Vivian), the owner of Weststone Winery, said: "Every year we do different experiments with AKAME. Every time I discuss with Alex, I am a little excited, because I will think about some things first. He will also tell me some of his ideas, but every time they are combined, they don’t consciously fit together.” She mentioned that this time she started to make a light red wine mixed with red wine and white grapes, and then the sparkling wine has For different batches, Mushan white grapes are also fermented at different low temperatures. I think there are many possibilities.

Alex has his own direction every year. He thinks it is infinite. He also wants to make pink sparkling wine, so this time there are five elements. The main theme is to make pink wine for juice after all the blacks. Pink wine goes well with Alex’s dishes. There is a batch of Heihou and Jinxiang from Puli that are blended, but because each batch of grapes is harvested at different times, the last batch is Mushan, and the millet wine lees from Alex and Taitung are added at the end. A little older red wine created the tension of the pink sparkling wine this time.

Chen Shuhui, the founder of "Man Mano Slowly. Cheese Shop", explained the sustainability of "Mabula Handmade Whey Soap".

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

As for getting it slowly.

The brand-new product "Mabula Handmade Whey Soap" jointly developed by the cheese shop is a work that took a long time to complete.

Restaurant partners are very sensitive to dry skin due to long-term cleaning of tableware and supplies;

Whey, a by-product of cheese making in cheese workshops, has the properties of moisturizing the skin and adds skin-friendly and easy-washing characteristics to soap.

Slowly make Mano Mano cheese skewers.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru) Mabula handmade whey soap uses Taiwanese native spices commonly used by chef Alex (Peng Tianen) as the base, including five-leaved pine, lemon, horse's nest, honey, smoked vanilla pods, etc., to make exclusive In AKAME's exclusive scent.

Adding fresh whey is also practicing the spirit of zero waste, and exploring possibilities again.

Slowly get the founder Isabella mentioned: "I found that the aboriginal ingredients and cooking have many common concepts, one of which is sustainability, recycling things that people don't want or can't use, or making things from start to finish The best use, whey soap even so. We hope to continue to develop the possibilities of dairy products.”

Master Jian Tiantian, known as Nanbatian, combines his specialty fire-roasted shrimp with smoked salmon, cooks a variety of seasonal vegetables and different ingredients through various techniques, and sprinkles mullet roe powder to bring Salad "flying over land and sea".

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

In addition to the new products that have been released, AKAME will continue to cooperate with the brand this year, running through AKAME's characteristic theme, including different products such as smoked soy sauce, spiced smoked egg yolk crisps and smoked beef jerky, combining the characteristics and strengths of various places to create continuity regional style.

After traveling in Hokkaido this spring, Alex became more convinced of this belief: "The definite style of culture is the accumulation of time, and we must do it."

AKAME Spice Duck Shredded Magao Hot Dog Burger, dry-aged factory-aged and made hot dogs, with smoked tomato and mustard sauce, making a sour, slightly spicy and sweet match.

Two kinds of meat dishes are sandwiched between Uncle Mike's wheat soft bread specially designed for the event.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

It is about to enter 10 years, although there are many things to do, but the chef Alex (Pang Tianen) feels more relaxed.

"When the time comes, the things to do will emerge, and now is the time." Last year, the dinner party was held at a monthly intensity. This year, the pace is slightly slowed down, but it is about to fly far away and conduct more foreign trips. dinner party, or invite foreign chefs to come to AKAME for communication.

Whether it is inviting chefs to use Taiwanese ingredients, or Alex going abroad to accept other people's challenges, it will be the blueprint for AKAME in the coming year.

Dasanyuan restaurant team.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

The "Dancing Butterfly Golden Dragon" brought by Dasanyuan Restaurant uses a large number of whole Luye yellow chicken and chicken feet to stew in two stages for the soup base, which takes 8 hours to make.

The soup does not add pigskin, does not thicken, and does not have lean meat and ham mixed soup flavor. It gives the chicken soup a golden-yellow color and a rich and rich pure flavor. Live lobster is added to add seafood, stacking the deliciousness of sea and land. And add handmade slippery rice noodles to enrich the taste, embellished with colorful pansies to symbolize the 8th anniversary of the butterfly flying, welcoming the bright golden dragon of wealth and auspiciousness.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

MATHARIRI's Chef Master made "Linseed Chicken Steak Salted Wood Cheese Sauce".

The chicken that uses "eating flaxseed" has a solid chicken leg and a sweet taste. It is MATHARIRI's favorite ingredient recently.

The horseback cheese is melted into a sauce, and the spice shioki is used to add the unique sour and salty flavor of the mountains, giving the chicken chops more layers.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

During the past eight years, making unreasonable things possible and even eternal is the belief that Chef Alex (Peng Tianen) has always upheld from the past to the future.

Now AKAME is ready to transform into a butterfly and fly to more and farther places so that his stories can be seen, heard and eaten.

Uncle Mike, the bread supplier of AKAME, specially reproduced the millet wine rose French bread that was first served in the restaurant. The exclusive restaurant does not sell it to the public.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

Domoto Bakery has Meiyuan Chocolate Bread, and Sanbon Caramel Crisp.

(Photographed by reporter Tu Yingru)

(Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health)

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