Sports circles often use "GOAT" (Greatest of All Time) to describe the extraordinary achievements of athletes. Recently, the professional outdoor brand Columbia released a new spring and summer style, which also uses "BE THE GOAT" as the theme of the series, but this GOAT is not the other GOAT. Really inspired by "goat", create a new mountaineering shoe!

The "Facet 75" waterproof super-stretch walking shoes are inspired by goats.

(provided by the brand)

Columbia today (28) held a media preview event for the new spring and summer new products. Among them, the flagship new product "Facet 75" waterproof super-elastic walking shoes are inspired by the posture of goats perfectly overcoming various terrain obstacles and walking freely on cliffs. The pair of shoes cover the brand's four functional designs: the exclusive patented "OutDry™ Technology" and "Adapt Trax™ Technology", which can block rain and impurity renin while providing extreme slip resistance and excellent grip on wet and dry surfaces. Ground strength, "Navic Fit" reduces the discomfort during friction through perfect coverage, and the functional insole made of "OrthoLite ® Eco" recycled material not only has impeccable functionality, but also has a variety of color options for fashionable styling. Accompanied by going up the mountain and going to the sea, there is nothing wrong with daily wear.

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A series of shirts are equipped with the new "Omni-Shade Broad Spectrum" sun protection technology, which can block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays.

(provided by the brand)

Not only shoes, the brand also brings two major technologies to support functional apparel this season!

The brand's latest sun protection technology "Omni-Shade Broad Spectrum" has been certified by the Global Skin Cancer Association, and it can perfectly block most of the ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB just by wearing it alone.

The light fabric is not only comfortable and eye-catching to wear, but also can reduce the pollution caused by the use of sunscreen products and the discomfort caused to the body.

The waterproof jacket made for professional mountaineering is made with the new "Omni Tech™ 3D waterproof technology". The innermost layer of the waterproof jacket is added with 3D fluff to improve air permeability, keep warm, and regulate body temperature. It is more skin-friendly and comfortable, improving the user's outdoor experience in an all-round way and enjoying the fun of adventure travel.

The Columbia Mazama Trail™ Shell waterproof jacket is equipped with new 3D waterproof technology, which improves the functionality and brings more comfortable wearing experience.

(provided by the brand)

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