White T-Shirt can be said to be an indispensable "basic item" in many people's wardrobe in spring and summer.

Although it seems to be the simplest type of clothing, it is not easy at all to find a white T-shirt that suits your body shape, style, and is comfortable to wear!

Recently, the London fashion brand COS launched a new white T capsule series before the arrival of summer, with a total of 9 different tailoring designs, which can be easily worn with outstanding taste.

COS launched a capsule series with the most minimalist "white T-shirt" as the protagonist.

(provided by the brand)

COS launched a new white T capsule series this month. The series includes 5 styles for women's wear and 4 styles for men's wear, a total of 9 designs.

Each design in the series is a round neck design, with a contemporary outline as the main axis, using dropped shoulders, elbow-length sleeves and organic cotton to create a generous outline with a sense of weight.

In addition to making different changes in sleeve length and garment length for different styles to suit different styles and clothing preferences, women's styles also use detailed strapping and pleating designs, while men's styles have pockets on the chest, which is not worn. Use traces of details to add style.

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The women's style adds style with pleats, back straps and more.

(provided by the brand)

A total of 5 designs are available for women.

(provided by the brand)

There are 4 different cuts for men.

(provided by the brand)

In addition to the minimalist style of this series, which is in line with the brand style, in fact, even the material design adopts the Circulose® material newly adopted this season.

Circulose® is a material recycled from waste textiles and only 100% renewable energy is used in the remanufacturing process.

A total of 4 models in the White T capsule series are made of Circulose®. In addition to further experimenting with the performance of this new material, it is more in line with the brand spirit of COS circular production, timeless design and innovative materials.

The COS white T series is now available, and a variety of color variations will be launched simultaneously in the brand's stores and online stores during the spring and summer.

Although it is a white T series, the same tailoring also has styles in different colors.

(provided by the brand)

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