Zhang Huimei set off to the south to prepare for the Kaohsiung Arena concert.

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[Reporter Yang Xinhan/Taipei Report] "Amei" Zhang Huimei will start her tour at the Kaohsiung Arena this Friday. She successfully completed rehearsals in Taipei yesterday, and she has prepared her bags and is ready to go south. Tianhou joked, "I have to adjust the time difference first. "There are ten performances this time.

Amei, who strives for perfection in everything, has created seven new outfits for the Kaohsiung show, and will bring them to the scene together with the Taipei show. The concert depends on the mood of the day to decide the costumes. It is revealed that there will be more than 10 songs updated in the concert, as well as a new single The first sung of the song.

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From March 31st, as long as you take the Kaohsiung MRT to Arena Station on the concert day, you can hear Amei’s voice greeting everyone in person, and the surrounding products will be on sale at 2 pm on the concert day, including T-shirts , towels, old hats, fans, party bags, party raincoats, transparent umbrellas, tri-fold umbrellas, and one-card cards.

Zhang Huimei will start her tour at the Kaohsiung Arena.

(Provided by Sound Entertainment)

As for the "ASMR a MEI Antidote Book", which has received a lot of inquiries, it is the first answer book featuring Amei's songs, with 608 pages of bronzing hardcover, and it is sold in limited quantities on site every day.

The peripheral products for this concert are all from Amei’s heart-warming little ideas. I hope to focus on "daily" and things that fans often use. Even she is wearing peripheral products for a while now, and she is going to sing meeting rehearsal.

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