According to the information of the National Hydrometeorology Service of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources as of March 28, rain has fallen in some places, snow has fallen in mountainous areas, and the northwest wind has occasionally strengthened in some regions.

Amount of precipitation: 12.0 mm in Sadarak, 9.0 mm in Sharur, 8.0 mm in Gadabey, 6.0 mm in Shahbuz, 5.0 mm in Nakhchivan, Julfa, Gryz, Ordubad, 4.0 mm in Shahdag, Dashkasan, 3.0 mm in Gusar, Sheki, Tovuz, 2.0 in Gakh, Goygol, Agstafa mm, 1.0 mm in Naftalan, Ganja, Shamkir, Jeyranchol, Balakan, Oguz, Gabala, Altiagac, Shamakhi, Zagatala, Gobustan, Guba, Khaltan, Sabirabad, Neftchala, Astara, 0.0 mm in Baku and Absheron Peninsula.

Snow cover height: 2 cm in Shahdag, 1 cm in Griz.

Wind: Northwest wind 28 m/s in Naftalan, 20 m/s in Tartar, 19 m/s in Barda, 18 m/s in Ganja, 17 m/s in Shabran, 16 m/s in Shamkir, occasionally 17 m/s in Baku and Absheron Peninsula- According to Neft Daslari station, the height of the wave reached 2.1 meters.

Fog: observed in Sumgait, Dashkasan, Goygol, Shahdag, Gryz, Sheki, Gakh, Lerik.

Air temperature: on March 27, Baku was 7.2° higher than the climatic norm, the maximum air temperature was up to 20° in Baku and the Absheron peninsula, up to 23° in Nakhchivan, up to 12° in mountainous regions, up to 22° in lowland regions. has been

It is expected that the precipitation will gradually stop from the morning of March 28, in the afternoon of the 28th and on the 29th, the weather conditions in the country will be stable, mostly without rain, and the moderate south wind will strengthen occasionally.