Yu Yingying was awarded the title of "Queen of the 9:30 Scene".

(Provided by Taiwan Quality Life Association)

[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Yu Yingying, a 69-year-old senior singer, once sang the popular "Pear Blossom Tears", the lead singer of the theme songs of many 9:30 TV series of China TV, so she was named "9:30 Sing Queen", and recently attended Taiwan The "Love Inheritance and Care Concert" held by the Quality Life Association, the super crazy recent situation has been exposed!

Yu Yingying got married at the age of 26 and gave birth to a daughter at the age of 33. She was very strict with her daughter. Later, her daughter became an outstanding teacher in Taoyuan. For this reason, Yu Yingying also bought property in Taoyuan. She said that she also has her own real estate in Mucha. , but most of them live in Taoyuan, Muzha houses are rented. She praised Taoyuan for its good environment, and there are many parks nearby to exercise. When I asked her to release a record, she said that the environment was not good, and asked the investor not to pay the money, and said with a smile that the other party lost several million in compensation.

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