[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Sanlixin's 8 o'clock file "The Way of Heaven" has started filming. In one of the memory scenes, Fan Chenfei, Li Yunqing and Yang Ziyi were invited to guest star Yue Hong, Zhang Mingjie and Jiang Guobin's youth respectively.

In order to complete the narrative of the whole drama, the production unit has invested millions of dollars to shoot the memory scenes, and it is nearing the end. Only the most critical scene is left, but Yang Ziyi cannot continue to perform, which will cause serious losses to "The Way of Heaven" and affect As for the shooting schedule, San Lijin said: "It is decided to terminate all cooperation with Yang Ziyi from now on, and the projects currently in progress including variety shows and dramas will also be suspended immediately."

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Li Yunqing (from left) and Yang Ziyi and Fan Chenfei's "The Way of Heaven" has only the most critical scene left, but Yang Ziyi can't continue to perform.

(provided by Sanli)

In this regard, Yang Ziyi said through her agent that she is very grateful for the affirmation and opportunity given by Sanli, "Because I cherish all the hard-won fate, I try my best to cooperate with adjustments. It is only because there are established personal plans and arrangements in the later stage, it is really difficult to do it again. Added a guest appearance in "The Way of Heaven", I hope there will be opportunities to cooperate in the future, thank you!"

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