As the name of the event "Beloved Festival 53 years, good for the heart", because saw Mario showing sweet moments by embracing the selfie waist.

Chanji – Chanjira

A hundred days and a thousand years have never seen a good picture for the heart.

I didn't go to watch the sidelines.

But cheering on the TV screen


Posted a clip of Mr. Naphat when he kicked the penalty kick into the goal.

Ready to put an emoji "Clap your hands - I'm glad" ... Oh, so out of face!

Aftermath, there are people wondering why they didn't see the shadows of the 2 heroines, Matt-Phirani and Taew-Nattaphon. Matt understood that he was in a foreign country, and Taew hurriedly clarified that

I have health problems so let me take care of myself first.

Really hot for the singer Bogie Lion, her health deteriorated because she was overworked.

In addition to running for the concert, he is also a presenter for 20 products, but his mouth says he can take it again!

When Dew-Arisara waved goodbye to the position

Net idol on the sea floor, Nong Love Kwang The Face seems to be accepting the crown.

Because whenever you go to the sea, you must see One Piece-Two Piece...not letting your sister lose her name.