Chen Yi was involved in the leak of indecent movies last year.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Chen Yi, a member of the Lotte Girls, is currently also a member of the girl group "Yi Zifan". At the beginning of the year, she released an indecent video with Aboge, a member of the YouTube group "Tough Guy Brothers", and was interviewed by the media She cleverly avoided this matter; at the end of the interview yesterday (27), she celebrated her teammate Carlisle's birthday early, but unexpectedly, Chen Yi grabbed the camera and danced to BLACKPINK dance music.

Chen Yi (right) jumped to the BLACKPINK song and grabbed the shot of her teammate Carlisle (left).

(reposted from IG)

In the IG limited-time news, it can be seen that Chen Yi is at the party, dancing BLACKPINK, and this party is held for the birthday of teammate Kailisi, and I saw Kailisi smiling awkwardly. Not long after, the camera all turned to Chen Yi, until Chen Yi finished dancing.

Although Chen Yi briefly snatched the scene of Kaliss, but continued to watch the limited-time feed, it can be seen that it was just a whim of friends coaxing her to dance, and it was not intentional to steal the spotlight.

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Chen Yi revealed in an interview that she is looking for a suitable partner for marriage.

(File photo, photo by reporter Zhong Zhikai)

In fact, Chen Yi attended an event held by Zhan Ziqing's hand-cranked store of "ㄚ头" yesterday. She was asked about her relationship with Aboguai. She responded in a low-key manner: "I don't want to say more about this." She also said that she will face it with positive energy. In addition to everything, Chen Yi further revealed that he is looking for a marriageable partner, as if he has bravely survived the previous incident of watching pornographic movies.

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