Quan Daoyan turned into a single killer mother in "Kill Fushun".

(courtesy of Netflix)

[Reporter Zhong Zhijun/Taipei-Seoul Link Report] "Cannes Movie Queen" Quan Daoyan starred in the new film "Killing Fushun". In the film, she has a double identity, both a single mother and a top killer; "Crash Course" performed as the proprietress of a small vegetable shop, with a pleasing personality; Quan Daoyan said in an interview with Asia-Pacific media: "The mothers who performed before were more like ideal mothers, but when raising children, I felt that the most realistic mother should be "Fu Shun"."

Quan Daoyan has a line in "Killing Fushun" that says "Killing a man is easier than raising a child". In reality, her child is also a middle school student. She said, "At least you can choose and control yourself when filming, but there will be many uncontrollable things in parenting. things.” revealed the helplessness of raising children.

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Quan Daoyan was interviewed by the Asia-Pacific media and chatted about the character highlights of "Kill Fushun".

(courtesy of Netflix)

Regarding the role of "Killer" Fushun, Quan Daoyan said: "Fushun and my actual situation are somewhat similar, except that my job is an actor, and Fushun's job is a killer. Although the profession is different, the overall situation is similar, so acting It feels very comfortable."

In the film, she challenges her acting skills and breaks through her limits, including daggers, axes and pistols, but the most difficult thing for her to handle is the "long sword". The distance, I am afraid that I will hurt the opponent actor, so I have to be very careful, and I feel oppressed in my heart." "Killing Fushun" will be exclusively launched on Netflix on the 31st.

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