Pizza Hut in Japan recently launched the "Explosive Coriander Pizza" and confirmed that it has successfully created a topic by referring to the creativity of Pizza Hut in Taiwan. Pizza Hut in Taiwan, which is always at the forefront of innovation, also immediately responded on the official fan post that it will launch new products. Open the "Taiwan-Japan Exchange" and let netizens wildly guess what surprises they will have.

Pizza Hut revealed the answer today (28th), announcing that it will put "natto" which is the most feared by Taiwanese and the favorite of Japanese people into the pizza, and create a limited new product "Sakura Mankai Natto Seafood Bowl Pizza" inspired by the cherry blossom season in spring. Surprised everyone with a rich and unique taste: "I can't believe it! How can natto be so delicious!"

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Pizza Hut in Taiwan has a new creative highlight for its strange-flavored pizza!

This time, Pizza Hut put the whole bowl of "Natto Seafood Bowl" on the pizza, and first used Japanese green tea, natto, and Japanese sushi rice to create a unique "Natto Roasted Tea Rice", which is paired with mozzarella cheese. With a silk-drawing effect, popular seafood ingredients such as octopus, flower branches, and crab sticks are added, and then topped with a special "wasabi teriyaki sauce", and finally sprinkled with sweet and sour pink sakura radish slices. Natto Seafood Bowl Pizza" is full of Japanese elements from the inside to the outside. It will be sold in limited quantities starting from now. Enjoy the APP to order, add more codes and then send gifts.

In addition, Pizza Hut has launched a limited time-limited non-staple food "Osakayaki Chicken Tangyang", which is made of carefully selected boneless chicken thigh meat, which is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It is paired with a rich and mellow classic Okonomiyaki sauce and dancing bonito Pieces are available for sale in limited quantities from now until 5/1, with an a la carte discount price of 199 yuan, which can be paired with "Sakura Mankai Natto Seafood Bowl Pizza" and a large portion of potato gold coins to form a Japanese-style period-limited "Natto Seafood Bowl Pizza Tangyang Chicken Set Menu ", the limited-time discount price is only 649 yuan.

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