Sensoji Temple in Tokyo is also a famous place for cherry blossom viewing when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in spring.

(Provided by Tobu Railway Group)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] In Sensoji Temple, a must-see for foreign tourists and full of incense, there are several kinds of cherry blossoms blooming, and the beauty of the temple is beautiful with pink makeup. Many tourists in kimonos happily take pictures.

The two sides of the Sumida River, which is about a 5-minute walk away, stretch for about 1 kilometer and are planted with 640 Someiyoshino cherry blossoms. It has been a famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo since ancient times.

Whether it's a walk under the stretch of cherry blossoms, or a boat trip on the river, each has its own charming style.

The cherry trees in Sumida Park, a famous place for viewing cherry blossoms in Tokyo, have been selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. The "Tokyo Sky Tree" with cherry blossom forests, you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama of Tokyo from the observation deck, and enjoy cherry blossoms in Japan in spring. Japan's Tobu Railway Group recommends this new route that combines ancient and modern Japanese and Western.

Take a one-day cherry blossom viewing tour around Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, and taste the authentic charm of Tokyo, both ancient and modern.

(Provided by Tobu Railway Group)

Asakusa Tobu Hotel is a 3-minute walk from Sensoji Temple, and across the road is Asakusa Station on the Tobu Line. Although it is in a bustling downtown area, it has a luxurious tranquility.

It has 253 rooms, including 3 exclusive Hello Kitty rooms "Sakura Tennyo" and "He Modern".

Sakura Tennyo's room has a warm pink design and a lovely Japanese room with pink tatami mats.

The other and modern show the Asakusa style with a world perspective with traditional Japanese elements, full of modern design sentiment.

There are also exclusive souvenirs for sale in the hotel, which are quite suitable as souvenirs.

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Tobu Hotel Asakusa has an exclusive Hello Kitty room full of cute elements.

(Provided by Tobu Railway Group)

Tobu Railway even moved the simulation platform for the actual training of train driving to the room in order to satisfy railway fans, so that you can enjoy the fun of driving the train during your stay.

The scenery along the way from the perspective of the simulation station is also presented with the actual scenery. The accommodation cost is about 40,000 yen per night. The breakfast in the hotel is a buffet style at the "One of One" restaurant. Freshly baked bread, a large number of seasonal vegetables, and foreign side dishes enrich the tour Taste buds desired.

Come to the holy place of lovers with the other half, and pray for a sweet and firm relationship.

(Provided by Tobu Railway Group)

Across the Sumida River from Sensoji Temple is the 634-meter-high TOKYO SKYTREE. Its affiliated commercial facilities TOKYO SKYTREE, Tokyo Skytree Town, which consists of complex facilities such as the Aquarium, and the newly opened SUMIDA RIVER WALK (Sumida River) in 2020 Cross-river footpath bridge), along the Tobu Railway Viaduct connecting the new complex commercial facility TOKYO mizumachi (Water Town), there are also many cherry blossom forests along the way, and there are newly opened popular fashion cafes and other stores. This new route is more convenient and direct to Tokyo Sky Tower, Chinese people who often travel to Japan may wish to arrange a one-day in-depth roaming itinerary.

The "Wish Ribbon" event is being held on the 350 observation deck.

(Provided by Tobu Railway Group)

The large-scale commercial facility "TOKYO Solamachi" under the Tokyo Skytree was remodeled during the epidemic, and there are many newly created popular shops, especially the restaurant street is also full of people.

During spring, the Solamachi Plaza on the first floor of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN will be decorated with cherry blossoms, allowing visitors to fully enjoy the romantic atmosphere of cherry blossom viewing in spring.

The "Wishing Ribbon" event is being held on the 350 Observation Deck. You can buy a ribbon for 500 yen (with a brooch in the shape of a Skytree), write your prayer and hang it in the wishing area. Part of the income from these ribbons will be donated For use by medical personnel related to COVID-2019.

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