Nintendo officially closed the Wii U, 3DS online store.


The Nintendo Wii U and 3DS online stores have been officially closed since today (28th), making a vote of players sigh "The tears of another era are gone!"

Nintendo has announced this news since last year. Players were banned from recharging in August. The closure means that players must bid farewell to various classic games born from these two stores, such as "Dr. Luigi & Bacteria Fighting" and "Pokemon Rumble U". , "Pushmo" and other games.

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After the closure of the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS online stores, although it is impossible to purchase digital versions of games or DLC content from the website, users can still continue to download games that have already been purchased.


This measure of Nintendo has also attracted some criticism. The outside world believes that this move is a regression in the preservation of video game games. In addition to erasing some games from history, it also makes it more difficult for players of Wii U and 3DS to obtain games. In addition, they have to face second-hand entities. The problem of soaring game disc prices.

Wii U debuted in 2011 and is Nintendo's first home game console that supports a resolution of 1080p. During the entire life cycle, a total of 14.01 million units were sold, making it the worst-selling console product in Nintendo's history.

3DS is a handheld game console launched by Nintendo in 2011, which has a function similar to naked-view 3D.

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