Among the top 10 best-selling mobile phones in China in 2022, the top 3 are all Apple iPhones.


China really loves to scold and buy Apple's iPhone. The market research agency Counterpoint announced China's top 10 best-selling mobile phones in 2022. The results show that none of the Chinese brand mobile phones entered the top 3, but the iPhone dominates the list.

The data revealed that the best-selling mobile phone in China in the past year was the iPhone 13. Apple alone took 6.6% of the market share, followed by the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro. This is the first time that the Pro model has entered the market. Top 10 list in China.

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Counterpoint said that Apple's iPhone not only occupies the top three of China's 2022 best-selling mobile phone rankings, but also accounts for more than 10% of China's total mobile phone sales.

In the remaining top 10, it was the turn of Chinese mobile phones. Honor grabbed 4 seats, vivo had 2 seats, and OPPO only entered the list. Another bad news for the Android camp is that in addition to the iPhone, the top 10 mobile phones The price of other mobile phones is less than US$500 (approximately NT$15,000), which means that China’s flagship mobile phones cannot even be sold in their own main battlefield, and can only rely on mid-to-low-end support.

China's top 10 best-selling mobile phones in 2022.


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