Parenting: Set pocket money regardless of what parents may say.

Money saving tips in Hindi:

If you want the child to become self-reliant and not face the problem of money in life, then you must explain to them the need and importance of money.

Also tell how the money is saved.

You can make your child's future secure by inculcating the habit of saving.

So today in this article we are going to tell you some such easy tips by which you will be able to tell them how to protect each and every pie. 

Teach money saving tips to children

  • Teach children the first thing that what is the difference between want and need.

    Desire is something that does not stop your work, but without necessity work can stop.

  • Explain the importance of money to the children, don't start giving them money every now and then.

    Due to this he will not understand the value.

    Give him money only when he needs it.

    This will make him understand its importance.

  • Reward children for saving money.

    This will create enthusiasm inside the child.

    While giving money to the child, ask for what it is needed.

    Check whether it is being used in the wrong place. 

Tips for giving pocket money-

Explain to your child what pocket money is for and what it is not for, explain to them that with pocket money both spending and savings have to be reconciled, what other parents can say, Regardless of this, fix pocket money, every time give pocket money to children on a fixed day.

Can choose any period weekly, fortnightly or monthly Deposit your elder child's pocket money directly into their bank account This can help them to get familiar with digital money and prepare them to use ATM card .

Children may feel motivated to save if they see their money grow.