[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] The live broadcast host Lian Qianyi was accused of fraud last year due to the NFT leek cutting controversy, and was sentenced to 7 years in prison for crimes related to guns and organized crime regulations. , he posted a live photo of the birthday party, assistant Nagase Kunni's chest hole was wide open, and all the eastern and western hemispheres were exposed hotly on the stage.

Queenie Nagase celebrates Lian Qianyi's birthday.

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Nagase Kunni also posted photos of her and Lian Qianyi on IG, as well as a video of the birthday celebration. She showed off her unscientific figure in circles. She wrote, "This year's boss's birthday, wear a low-key high-necked dress to celebrate his birthday." Her high-necked The definition is very special, that is, use a belt around the neck to cover the chest and side breasts, a straight trench below the neck and a snow-white hemisphere, no cover, super hot.

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Queenie Nagase celebrates Lian Qianyi's birthday.

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Netizens commented "The clothes are amazing! You can't control it even if you are not a figure!!", "Is it a misunderstanding of low-key", "It's too exaggerated", "Welfare show", "It's too foul", "The eyes are comfortable ".

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