Jimmy Lin went to Shanghai the day before yesterday to attend a promotional event.

(Reposted from Jimmy Lin's Facebook page)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Lin Zhiying had a serious car accident while driving a Tesla in July last year. After surgery and half a year of recuperation, his body has gradually recovered. He has not attended public events for a long time. The day before yesterday, he quietly flew to Shanghai to participate in an event, and this was the first time he went abroad after recovering from his injury, and his wife Chen Ruoyi loved to accompany him even more.

Lin Zhiying wrote excitedly in the article: "See you next time, friends from Shanghai, let's work together in the future." He also attached many photos of the event scene. I saw Lin Zhiying wearing a black and white suit, holding a microphone and interacting with fans in the audience, still handsome; in addition, he He was even seen at the airport holding hands tightly with Chen Ruoyi, the two were very sweet and envied everyone.

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It is understood that Lin Zhiying only stayed in Shanghai for work for 2 days, and has returned to Taiwan safely.

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