Lin Caiwei took a sweet photo of her husband Huang Shaogu and his family of three in the back seat.

(Reposted from Huang Shaogu's Facebook page)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] Artist Huang Shaogu is the former lead singer of the "Strong Debate Orchestra". After the suspension of the group in 2016, he moved to the drama circle to develop. He once acted in "The Great Times". In 2020, he married Lin Caiwei and had a son. Minus, he left his star halo to obtain a taxi license, and drove a multi-taxi taxi on a part-time basis. The inspirational plot was praised by many people with thumbs up.

Huang Shaogu posted on Facebook early this morning (29th) that his wife was sitting in the back seat and took a picture of him driving a car with his son warmly in the same frame. Let’s observe again if you have children, it’s really not that easy to be a good teammate.”

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Huang Shaogu (left) and Lin Caiwei are married and have a son.

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"When the person you all want to protect the most appears in your life, then everything has to be readjusted," Huang Shaogu said. He is actually not a good husband or father, but he must work hard to do a good job, and finally thank his wife.

This confession of Huang Shaogu attracted well-known host Li Jing to leave a comment: "A responsible man."

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