As the weather gets colder, children with weaker immune systems are more likely to catch a cold.

The doctor pointed out that it was almost a case of a child being sick and infecting an adult, and one person was killed and the whole family suffered.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] The weather has suddenly turned cold recently, and many people are prone to catching a cold.

Zhang Yihao, a physician at the Zhang Yihao ENT Specialist Clinic, said that careful observation and small market research revealed that it was almost a case of a child being sick and then infecting an adult, and the whole family suffered from the accident.

To reduce domestic infection, remember the mantra of "avoid eating at the same table, sleeping together in the same bed, don't underestimate oral and nasal secretions, and clean public contact surfaces more".

Zhang Yihao posted on his Facebook fan page "Doctor Zhang Yihao i Sensory Physician x Medical Parenting x Growth and Development x Nutrition and Immunity" and pointed out that if you do the following 4 tricks, the chance of catching a cold may be reduced by half:

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●Don't be frugal:

Throw away what the children can't finish eating and drinking, and try not to eat or sleep at the same table.

●Do not sleep together:

If the child can sleep alone in one room, let him sleep by himself; if he needs family care, let the child sleep in a small bed next to him, and keep the room ventilated as much as possible.

In addition, children can also wear anti-kick vests. Zhang Yihao shared that his son rarely catches a cold after wearing anti-kick vests. The thin cotton long sleeves and anti-kick vests can keep the core area from catching cold.

Don’t ignore:

Children will inevitably have a nose and a mouthful of saliva. When parents wipe their nose and saliva for their children, they should develop the habit of wearing gloves or washing hands quickly after cleaning. bag, to avoid volatile infection.

If you throw it on the table casually, the chances of the whole family catching a cold will be greatly increased.

●Don’t be lazy:

The areas that the whole family frequently uses and touch should be disinfected and cleaned, especially the places that are most likely to be ignored, such as doorknobs, mobile phones, tablets, dining tables, TV tables, etc. The places that the whole family will often touch must definitely strengthen cleaning .

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