Fan Bingbing's avant-garde blockbuster is released, and the super aura is sour and the public is also impressed.

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Actress Fan Bingbing, known as the "international fan", although she is still unpopular in China, she has performed internationally produced films relying on her strength, and has successively appeared on the Oscars and the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival. Yesterday (27) she was invited to shoot a group of avant-garde In the blockbuster, one of the "devil wings" styles directly clashed with Angelababy who attended the event two days ago, but Fan Ye's full aura directly killed Baby in seconds, which made Chinese netizens also have to admire!

"International Fan" Fan Bingbing once again demonstrated her super fashion power.

Fan Bingbing, who was "disappeared" in the Chinese entertainment industry due to tax issues in 2018, has actively regained her popularity internationally in recent years. Although she is still struggling in China, she recently starred with South Korean actor Lee Joo-young in "Green Night", which has successively gained popularity. Going to the Berlin Film Festival and the Oscars also made her, who has always been the "Asian Red Carpet King", shine again.

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Recently, she was invited to shoot a group of avant-garde blockbusters, and put on a number of bold and unpredictable looks, including a peacock outfit with a white peacock directly on the chest, Celia Kritharioti's pearl outfit, GEORGES CHAKRA tulle feather see-through outfit, Rahul Mishra female warrior costumes, etc., are extremely luxurious and break through the image, and it is not an exaggeration to say that it is funny.

Fan Bingbing's Celia Kritharioti pearl outfit is avant-garde and fashionable.

It is not at all awkward for Fan Bingbing to put on a white peacock outfit.

This set comes from GEORGES CHAKRA tulle feather see-through outfit, which is sexy and charming.

One of them is a black dress from GEORGES HOBEIKA, which looks like "devil wings" extending from the waist. It not only collides with Angelababy who attended the Weibo night a few days ago, but Fan Bingbing is cool and slender with a bit of evil style Emoticons, directly kill "Little Princess" Angelababy!

As soon as this group of blockbusters came out, Chinese netizens who have always scolded people when they saw them were also impressed. They said: "This style is really only she can control", "It's so beautiful that I am speechless", "It killed any XX night A set of costumes", "Internal entertainment is for nothing", "Once Sister Bingbing returns, there will be no other people's business", "Oriental Venus"!

Fan Bingbing's GEORGES HOBEIKA "Devil Wings" style made her full of evil aura.

Angelababy and Fan Bingbing collided with each other, and Fan Bingbing's aura was instantly killed by netizens' praise.

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