During the control measures carried out by the employees of the State Environmental Security Service, people caught illegally fishing in the water area of ​​Baku city, Khizi, Astara, Siyazan regions of the Caspian Sea.

The official of the service, Bahruz Mahammadov, told APA that during the investigation, the persons who caught illegal fish were Baku city residents Vugar Mammadov, Seyfulla Rajabov, Gasim Aliyev, Abulfaz Khudaverdiyev, Vugar Gasimov, Bahadur, Arif and Bahlul Kazimov, Astara district residents Mammadaga Bagirov, Agamali Rzayev, Khanbala Ahadov, Magsud Bashirov and Nijat Aliyev, residents of Siyazan district, were identified, and hunting tools prohibited from their use were taken from them.

"During the control measures carried out in the territory of the country, a total of 25 synthetic nets with a length of 1873 meters were removed from water bodies.

Regarding the facts, a protocol has been drawn up against the law breakers and legal measures have been taken," he said.

B. Mahammadov urges all individuals and legal entities engaged in fishing to follow the rules, refrain from fishing in prohibited places and times, with prohibited tools, and nature lovers to report synthetic nets they encounter in water bodies to the Ministry's official social network accounts or Telegram group ( https://t.me/+tb9ED95-my9iOTIy) called to provide information with exact coordinates.

It should be noted that a new action was launched by ETSN with the slogan "Let's clean the basins from synthetic nets together".

The main goal of the project is to intensify control measures in the water basins of the country, to strengthen the work of protecting and protecting fish resources with the support of the general public, and to achieve an increase in their natural population.