Weight Loss Drink: By drinking this drink, the stomach will start getting thinner. 

Belly Fat Loss Drink:

Increasing weight does not take long to become a cause of trouble.

If the stomach starts coming out excessively, then there is even more problem.

Clothes don't fit and feel uncomfortable so different.

Often people look thin from the body and fat only from the stomach.

In such a situation, Belly Fat Loss is tried by focusing on the stomach.

Here one such effective belly fat loss drink is being mentioned which helps in reducing the protruding belly and can also be effective in weight loss of the whole body. 

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Belly Fat Loss Drink 

This belly fat loss drink can be consumed daily.

To make this, you will need one teaspoon raw white petha, one fourth teaspoon black pepper, one fourth teaspoon rock salt and water.

First of all, grind all these things in a mixer with 200 ml water.

Filter it now.

Your belly fat loss drink is ready.

You can drink it every morning on an empty stomach.

This drink is beneficial not only in reducing belly fat but also in many other ways. 

Drinking this fat loss drink helps in getting rid of problems like indigestion and gas.

It is a metabolism boosting drink which is also helpful in burning calories.

Apart from this, the effect on belly fat is visible in a few days after drinking it.

These tips will also work 

  • Stay away from sugary drinks.

    Eat as little sweet as possible.

    You will see the effect of not eating sweets in a few days. 

  • Completely remove junk food from your diet.

    However, it may be difficult to stop yourself seeing delicious and spicy food around, but this abstinence is mandatory to make your stomach slim.

    Try to eat more and more green vegetables and fruits. 

  • While eating food, keep in mind the amount of food you are taking in the plate.

    You need a lot to do Portion Control. 

  • Do some physical activity as well.

    If nothing much happens, at least walk for 40 to 50 minutes in a day.  

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