[Reporter Xiao Fangqi/Taipei Report] Chen Yirong turned 44 in mid-March. She traveled to South Korea with her best friend to celebrate her birthday. Husband Xue Boren flew here to rendezvous, and the birthday star was angry and funny and said: "The surprise part, as always, was broken before departure." And she also spent more than one million won to become a big buyer of BLACKPINK peripheral products.

Chen Yirong left her daughter for the first time to travel.

(courtesy of Amber)

In order to buy BLACKPINK's peripheral products, Chen Yirong and her friends took the car for more than an hour to Insadong. The two of them had heavy responsibilities, because many relatives and friends placed orders before they left. She said with a smile: "We are like wholesalers. As soon as I arrived at the store, I told the clerk, “Take them all out”! My friends even started a video chat and asked their relatives and friends in Taiwan what they want.” Chen Yirong highly praised the exquisite design of BLACKPINK’s peripheral products: “There are notebooks and passport holders, I bought them I bought a small hammer for my daughter, and I couldn’t resist buying a set for myself, and I lost a lot of money.”

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Xue Boren (right) sweetly celebrated Chen Yirong's birthday.

(courtesy of Amber)

In just a few tens of minutes, she and her friends spent millions of Korean won. A few days ago, BLACKPINK came to Taiwan to sing. Chen Yirong went on a pilgrimage with her friends. Although her daughter did not go with her, after listening to her mother’s sharing and watching their MV, she has gone from 5 ( Mayday) fans, there is a new identity of BLINK.

Xue Boren (right) took Chen Yirong to "photograph" outside the famous Dior boutique in Shengshuidong.

(courtesy of Amber)

In addition, on the wife's birthday, the hero of the birthday celebration is naturally the husband.

Chen Yirong said: "At first I thought I was going to accompany my husband on a field trip, but I didn't think about the birthday celebration, but before I left, a friend told me that." Even so, she was very moved that Xue Boren temporarily put down work and went to South Korea to be with her Meet up and take her to "photograph" outside the famous Dior boutique in Seongsu-dong. She added: "Don't doubt it, just take beautiful photos online to check in."

In fact, Xue Boren has already prepared his wife's birthday gift, which is a concept of "lucky bag". Chen Yirong said sweetly: "There are shoes, bags, clothes. He said he went shopping and saw them. If he thinks they are suitable, he will buy them slowly and collect them slowly. Get up." That night, the couple shared a Korean beef barbecue feast with their friends, and ate every part of a cow, each with a different taste.

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