Cobra Pose Benefits: Health gets many benefits by doing Bhujangasan.


There are many people who have a sitting job and in which they have to work sitting for hours from morning to evening.

This sitting job is considered very comfortable, but sitting for long hours like this is harmful for the body.

Due to this, people have to suffer from problems like back pain, neck pain and weight gain from an early age.

In such a situation, Bhujangasana can be done.

This yoga can be done very easily, keeps diseases away, helps in reducing weight and removes pain in the body.

Know everything about Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose).

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How to do Bhujangasana 

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  • Looking at the posture of Bhujangasana, it is also called cobra posture or cobra pose.

    Before doing this asana, the spinal cord has to be prepared so that while doing Bhujangasana, there is no pressure on the spinal cord suddenly. 

  • For a spinal warm-up, sit with both legs spread in front.

    Now while bending the back, try to touch the toes with both the hands. 

  • Now start doing cobra pose.

    Keep both your hands near the shoulders.

    Your elbow should be bent.

    The lower part of the stomach should be on the ground and the hands should lift the upper part of the body upwards and try to look upwards only. 

  • After holding this position for some time, come back to the previous position. 

  • While doing Bhujangasana, keep breathing deeply and then exhale slowly. 

  • In the initial phase, you have to do Bhujangasana for 30 seconds only.

    Gradually you can increase the time period up to one minute. 

Benefits of Bhujangasana 

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  • By doing Bhujangasana, there is flexibility in the body, especially the muscles of the waist are flexible. 

  • If there is any kind of stiffness on the waist, it goes away and there is relief in the problems related to the spinal cord. 

  • By doing this Yogasana, it helps to get rid of stomach problems like gas, indigestion and constipation. 

  • Blood flow is better. 

  • The stiffness of the shoulders is cured. 

  • This asana can be done even if there is a problem of breathing. 

  • By doing Bhujangasana, the body is detoxified, the effect of which is also visible on the skin. 

  • Feel the freshness. 

Keep these things in mind while doing Bhujangasana 

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  • While doing Bhujangasana, note that you should not put excessive pressure on your spine. 

  • Pregnant woman should not do Bhujangasana. 

  • Do not hold your breath after making the pose, but keep on breathing. 

  • Keep your body in proper posture. 

  • Try not to put all the weight on any part of the body. 

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