The Moon is in Gemini until 1:23pm on March 28

People are too susceptible, unable to think deeply and make serious decisions, too emotional and impulsive, prone to frivolous and superficial actions and unexpected decisions.

Self-control is very important.

The shoulders, arms, shoulders, fingers, nervous system and lungs are vulnerable. 

The moon is idle from 04:40 to 13:23. 

Do not undertake anything important and essential.

Do not start anything new, do not visit the state administration to settle issues, do not make important decisions, do not conduct business negotiations.

Everything will be in vain and you will waste a lot of nerves, you will encounter many difficulties, and the end will be unclear.

The Moon enters Cancer at 1:23 PM to 1:32 AM on March 31

The moon immerses us in our inner world, makes us sensitive and easily vulnerable.

Our experiences become more important than what is happening in the outside world.

People now with greater concern and mutual commitment.

Manifestation of whims, unstable mood and expression of claims are characteristic.

Sensitivity, emotionality increases.

It is undesirable to make criticisms and remarks.

The stomach and mammary glands, the duodenum are vulnerable. 

Lunar calendar: Continues 7 lunar days until 11:04 on March 28

Next 8 lunar day from 11:04 on March 28 to 11:56 on March 29

The energy of the Moon today is such that it is better not to engage in actions that require a lot of effort.

The energy of the day should be directed towards internal transformation, purification.

On the 8th lunar day, a new phase of the lunar month begins.

It is quite a difficult day when a profound transformation is taking place in all living beings.

Allow yourself to go to a new level and throw away everything unnecessary.

The day is quite difficult and is suitable for internal work on oneself.

Outwardly, you can remain passive.

Try not to spend your energy, you should not overload yourself physically, mentally, emotionally.

Listen to the voice of your intuition.

On this day, it is important to be able to solve problems quickly.

Don't give them time to develop, instead take new and unconventional solutions. 

You should be able to iron out all small disputes, because they can lead to a serious conflict and lead to a strong dislike for each other.

Moods and emotions get out of control quickly.

You can feel wonderful, smile, and after a moment everything around you starts to annoy you, infuriate you.

Such a transition from one extreme to another clearly shows that the inner structure of man is undergoing global changes. 

The eighth lunar day is especially difficult for the finer natures.

If you have a choice, then it is good to spend 8 lunar day with your best friends, close relatives or those who have similar interests to yours.

In such companies, you will hardly encounter provocative situations.

Keep your mind clear, calm.

The eighth lunar day is considered one of the best for repentance, spiritual concentration and prayer.

To ask for forgiveness from all whom you have intentionally or unintentionally offended, and also to forgive those who have hurt you.

On this lunar day, it becomes easier than on other days.

Don't miss this opportunity.

Time for renewal, cleansing, transition into a new quality.

It is good to cleanse yourself of everything that pulls you back: the soul - from previous sins, the body - from poisons, the home from unnecessary and old things.

It is desirable to rethink your life and try to start something from scratch.

It is good to go to church, talk to a priest or a spiritual guide.

Look at the flame of a lighted candle, it will clear you of accumulated negativity.

Imagine how all the insults and troubles burn in him.

In intimate relationships, you should be very careful on this lunar day.

It is best to avoid it, and even if you feel the desire and strength to carry it out, it is better to refrain.

Haircut is not recommended.