Zhou Yukou criticized officials severely.

(file photo)

[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] The Taoyuan baboons were finally arrested 18 days after they escaped, but were shot dead by shotguns. Officials from the Bureau of Agriculture took turns taking pictures around the baboons, and did not send them to the hospital immediately, which also aroused public outrage. Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng I express my regret in posting this article. The police are continuing to investigate the relevant cases and will face them together with my colleagues, conduct self-reflection and review, and will punish them according to law.

In this regard, Zhou Yukou's criticism is completely empty.

Zhou Yukou called Zhang Shanzheng by name yesterday, and asked six "whys" in a row. Why didn't he rush to the doctor immediately?

Why was it declared to be captured by an anesthesia gun in the first place?

Criticized that "even an innocent baboon can't be protected well".

Seeing Zhang Shanzheng's regretful review today, Zhou Yukou was even angrier and said, "Zhang Shanzheng is talking empty words."

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Chen Guanyi, director of the Peach City Bureau of Agriculture, Wang Deji, director of animal protection, and others sent bouquets of flowers and bowed in condolence before the baboon left, expressing "deep regret" for the death of the baboon.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Shuting)

Regarding the remains of the baboon, which departed from the Peach City Animal Welfare Office to the Taipei Zoo this morning, officials from the Peach City Bureau of Agriculture lined up to deliver bouquets and bowed in condolence before the baboon left.

Zhou Yukou bluntly scolded "disgusting and hypocritical Taoyuan city bureaucrats." She said that she strongly suspected that there was an inside story of "killing baboons and silencing the mouth" behind this tragedy.

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