Guo Yuqing issued an apology to the baboon who was shot and killed by a shotgun.

(File photo, photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The Taoyuan baboon escaped for 18 days. Yesterday (27) the Taoyuan City Agriculture Bureau went to arrest it immediately after receiving the notification. The outside hunter was shot with a shotgun and finally died of exhaustion. For this, the actress "Mr. Wan" Guo Yuqing issued a message, apologizing to the baboons on behalf of human beings.

Guo Yuqing's sad post attracted attention.

(Reposted from Facebook)

Although Guo Yuqing seldom appears in front of the screen, she is still very active on social platforms. Yesterday she heard that a baboon was shot dead with a shotgun, and she posted a sad post: "The short freedom of less than 18 days did not hurt anyone. But so..." Guo Yuqing not only issued four emojis of tears and reluctance, but also apologized to the baboon on behalf of humans: "I'm sorry."

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Netizens were shocked by the news of the baboon's death.

(Reposted from Facebook)

And Guo Yuqing's posts attracted a lot of attention from netizens: "A wordless ending...", "It's natural to be afraid of running away, but you die at the most free moment", "When I just went out to pick up the children, I only released the news of the arrest. Now I When I got home, it was the news that I had hung up..."

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