The 33-year-old popular male god Liu Yuning was revealed to have been married and was still in love with his sister.

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[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] The 33-year-old Chinese actor Liu Yuning has become popular thanks to his masterpieces "Long Song Xing", "Who is a Hero", and recently co-starring "One Year Passing Mountain" with Wu Qilong's wife Liu Shishi, and was named a new generation The male god, but it was revealed that he had a sister-brother love marriage as early as 2012, and had a child.

After the news came to light, Liu Yuning, who was busy filming costume dramas, responded quickly by launching a live broadcast. He admitted that he was married in 2012, but he was divorced and hadn’t contacted his ex-wife for a long time. At the same time, he insisted that he had no children. The woman apologized, and even condemned those who deliberately exposed the life photos of the woman and her children.

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Speaking of the excitement, Liu Yuning put his hands together and apologized, choked up and said: "Because of me, she and her child were exposed in front of the public, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He said sorry three times and still choked up.

Liu Yuning became more and more angry during the live broadcast, saying that although the photo is mosaic, people around him will definitely recognize it, "He already has his own life, I never wanted to hide that I was married, but there is no need to make it public." Does the ex-wife have to bear these troubles?

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