watchOS 9.4 allows users to delete built-in apps directly from the Apple Watch.


Apple pushed the watchOS 9.4 update to Apple Watch earlier. It can only be said to be a small update. The main new feature is that the wake-up alarm clock will no longer be muted by the gesture of covering the screen to mute, so as to avoid accidentally canceling it when sleeping. Alarm clock.

In addition, in watchOS 9.4, Apple actually brought a hidden function to Apple Watch, which allows users to delete built-in applications directly from Apple Watch. Apple did not mention this in its official instructions.

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That is to say, built-in applications including heart rate, activity record, wallet, world clock, map, etc. can be directly deleted from App Watch, but Apple also warns that deleting these built-in applications may affect the core of Apple Watch functions, such as deleting the heart rate app, Apple Watch will not be able to send notifications such as high or low heart rate.

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