Aunt Lee (middle) cut cakes with her husband and family members to celebrate their recovery.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] An 80-year-old grandmother surnamed Li in Houli, Taichung City, was almost unable to breathe normally during the Lunar New Year. She was treated in Dajia Li General Hospital. I went to Taichung Veterans General for heart bypass surgery. Today I was happy to cut the cake to celebrate. Grandma said with a smile that after the operation, I will not breathe anymore.

Feng Zhizhong, attending physician of Dajia-Li Comprehensive Cardiology Department, pointed out that grandma came to the outpatient clinic accompanied by her family members, and her breathing was very rapid. She judged that the condition was serious, almost respiratory failure, and she assisted in referral for oxygen. Two of them were also blocked. After the evaluation, the kidneys were dialysis, and a cardiac catheterization was arranged the next day. I consulted with Cai Zhonglin, the chief physician of the Taichung Veterans General Department of Cardiac Surgery who was stationed in the hospital, and finally transferred to the Taichung Veterans General Hospital for treatment, and performed heart bypass surgery. Currently, I have been discharged from the hospital smoothly, twice a week. The next time I went to the hospital for continuous treatment of kidney dialysis.

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Grandma’s daughter revealed that during the Lunar New Year period, her 83-year-old mother suddenly suffered from severe asthma. She thought it was an asthma symptom, but the asthma spray did not improve. She never thought it was a blockage of the heart vessels, which made her almost heart failure.

She revealed that because her mother was old, her family was worried about the risk of heart bypass surgery. After discussion with her brothers and sisters, they were reluctant to let her mother undergo surgery at first. Later, Feng Zhizhong insisted and explained repeatedly, telling her: "If you don't have surgery, you just wait until your heart fails. There is no hope." This year happens to be the 60th anniversary of my parents' marriage, and my parents continue to be together hand in hand, really happy.

Feng Zhizhong said that the cause of heart vessel blockage is related to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and high blood fat according to research. Smoking, old age, and family inheritance are also one of the factors. Severe headaches, blurred vision, or pain and pressure in the chest, and uncoordinated hands and feet when walking may all be signs of cardiovascular disease. Once found, seek medical attention immediately.

Sui Shanzhong, director of Dajia Lee General Hospital, said that Lee General Medical Association Hospital and Taichung Veterans General Hospital have signed a hierarchical care plan. People can first go to Lee General Hospital or to the outpatient clinic of Zhongrong Support Physician. Patients with serious conditions will be referred to the hospital. Go to Zhongrong for further treatment. Through the cooperation plan between the two parties, better medical care can be provided for the people in the Haixian area.

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