Are you planning to fly to Japan during the Qingming Children’s Holiday in April or the following summer vacation?

The "Seven Stars Train" in Kyushu, Japan is known as the most luxurious moving castle. It is a once-in-a-lifetime train. After the 10th anniversary of the train renovation, many facilities have been added. Coke Travel has specially launched the "aircraft + wine" itinerary, allowing railway fans to experience the honor and enjoyment!

In addition, the new "Osaka Station" of the JR Limited Express HARUKA has been officially opened since March. Klook exclusively launched a buy-one-get-one discount for the package ticket, and recommended 5 new popular hotels in downtown Osaka.

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Must take the latest 4 super popular "sightseeing trains"

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The ultimate luxury "Seven Star Train" interior upgrade

Japan’s railway travel is widely favored by Chinese people, especially the Seven Star trains are sold out every time they go on sale. Coke Travel has obtained a few overseas limited seats, leading passengers to unpack the refurbished Seven Star trains and lock them in on 8/5 and 8/12 And 9/9 departure day, the group will use EVA Air business class round trip, the price of the luxury line starts from 288,888 yuan, and the price of the honor line starts from 438,888 yuan. The last night will be arranged to stay at "Royal Group Bamboo Forest Pavilion", which is located at 150,000 ping In the green forest of Mifune Mountain, there are 11 guest rooms beyond the limit, and it is also the designated hotel for the Japanese Emperor.

Yuyado Bamboo Grove Pavilion is the emperor's royal lodging, where you can experience the highest standard of privacy and honor. The limited edition starts from 438,888 yuan.

(Photo/provided by Coke Tourism)

Three times the price is still hard to find!

Only accept 20 people at a time

Even the Japanese dream of "ななつ星 in Kyushu (Seven Star Train)" is a luxury sleeper train under JR Kyushu. Taking the train is like traveling around the 7 prefectures of Kyushu. The Japanese Yen tripled in value, but tourists at home and abroad rushed to register by lottery.

The new version of the train continues the design supervised by Master Mitooka. Each car is made of wood to create a warm riding space; the number of rooms has been adjusted from 14 to 10, and the interior is carefully crafted by local craftsmen. Even the washbasin is a national treasure pottery artist Firing, exquisite ingenuity can be seen everywhere.

There is also a "hidden version of the bar" in the car facilities. Passengers must draw lots before boarding the car. Only those who win the lottery can experience special courtesy and enjoyment. It can be said that even if you are rich, you may not have it!

The woodworking and glass works displayed in the gallery space are also sold, conveying the beauty of Kyushu culture to every passenger.

(Photo/provided by Coke Tourism)

3 billion to build a "Mobile Art Museum" to experience Japanese craft culture

The food is tasteful in every bite. Famous chefs from Kyushu are invited to board the bus. For example, Yamanaka Pokesan of Yamanaka Sushi in Fukuoka City, in order to make the seafood and vinegared rice have the most ideal freshness and temperature, they personally board the bus to cook for the passengers. .

At the same time, the train integrates traditional craftsmanship and the latest industrial technology. The art gallery displays woodworking and glass works. In addition, you can personally experience the carpenter on the train sharing the 300-year inheritance method of "Okawa Kumiko", as well as the hand-weaving experience of reed grass, using skillful hands to weave An exclusive heat insulation pad is produced, and the finished product can be taken home for a good aftertaste.

There are bars, tea rooms and other spaces on the train, where you can taste wine and drink tea in a space full of Japanese traditional culture.

(Photo/provided by Coke Tourism)


Cola Travel Book Seven Star Train Itinerary:

The new "Osaka Station" of the JR Limited Express HARUKA opens, buy one get one free on


JR West Japan announced the official opening of the new "Osaka Station" of the Kansai Airport Express HARUKA train. Passengers can go directly from Kansai Airport to Umeda, Osaka, and the journey time is shortened to 47 minutes, which greatly improves the convenience of independent travellers.

To celebrate the opening of the new station, Klook and JR West have an exclusive cooperation to buy one get one free. From April 1st, purchase "HARUKA one-way ticket with designated shopping mall or restaurant ticket at Osaka Station" in the form of a package to enjoy the whole package One get one free, while supplies last; the package plan includes the popular Eki Marché Osaka, LUCUA osaka, Osaka Station City restaurant, and even must-buy souvenirs, beauty and clothing, and well-known restaurants. On sale until September 30.

Celebrating the opening of HARUKA's new "Osaka Station", Klook and JR West Japan exclusively launched a buy one get one free offer.

(Photo/Provided by Klook)

Must pilgrimage!

Top 5 Newly Opened Hotels in Downtown Osaka

If overseas tourists want to stay in hotels in the urban area, we especially recommend 5 new hotels in downtown Osaka, so that tourists can easily check in and have fun on the spot!

"Just Sleep Osaka Shinsaibashi Branch" will be newly opened in 2023. Not only is it located in the super elite Shinsaibashi area, it is currently a 15% discount for booking on Klook. It is the first choice hotel for independent travellers; "Hotel THE LEBEN OSAKA" is dominated by white fashion. The bathrooms and toilets in all guest rooms are set independently to give tourists a more relaxed and spacious hotel experience. Currently, bookings on Klook start at NT$4,000.

Just Sleep Osaka Shinsaibashi Branch will be newly opened in 2023. It is located in the super elite Shinsaibashi area and currently enjoys a 15% discount on Klook.

(Photo/Provided by Klook)

In addition, "Osaka Dojima Aloft", which is only 9 minutes' walk from Osaka Station, is a 14-story building, all of which are city view rooms, where you can enjoy the beautiful street view of Osaka; "Hotel Hotel" uses Japanese-style elements such as washi paper windows and ink paintings to create a Kyoto-style hotel. It takes about 9 minutes to drive to Universal Studios Japan; The minimum reservation for one night is only about NT$2,000, and you can even enjoy the bustling day and night scenery on the lounge chairs on the top floor of the hotel.

Summer vacation is coming. If you want to experience the "Tenjin Matsuri", one of the three major festivals in Japan, you can start to book hotel accommodation now, and don't forget to go to the newly opened Osaka Station for pilgrimage.

Aloft Dojima, Osaka is a 9-minute walk from Osaka Station, where visitors can enjoy the beautiful cityscape of Osaka.

(Photo/Provided by Klook)


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