A driver from the Center for Emergency Medical Assistance (EMSC) in Sofia has been dismissed for failure to fulfill his official duties and indecent behavior, reports from the Emergency Medical Service Center - Sofia on the occasion of the statements made earlier today by the chairman of the union "Defense" Krasimir Mitov, that the director of the center fired a driver on "ethnic grounds" because he had "insulted a Macedonian doctor" working at the same center. 

The dismissal of the driver is the result of several reports from his colleagues related to his behavior - insults, spreading rumors, harassment, indicated by CSMP - Sofia.

His colleagues signaled his refusal to perform his official duties, contesting addresses, not agreeing to assist the doctor in the emergency team, which is his job description, as well as calling colleagues on the phone in a drunken state and with obscene behavior.

"The extremely ugly and degrading qualifications to doctors and medical personnel based on gender, appearance and affiliation, which the driver allowed himself, violate all professional and ethical norms," ​​added the CSMP - Sofia.

A protest of emergency medics blocked the center of Sofia

From 2011 to 2015, the driver had several sanctions - remarks imposed because of damage to an ambulance;

for an incorrectly completed travel book - an official document;

for excessive fuel consumption;

for severe injuries caused to a team - a doctor and a nurse, as a result of a sudden stop of the ambulance, in which there was also a patient in a serious condition.

Regarding Mitov's claim that the dismissal was based on ethnicity, the CSMP - Sofia pointed out that their teams include doctors and employees of different nationalities and religions, and these differences have never been a cause or cause of problems. 

Every rule of law is based on legality, order and discipline, which are to the greatest extent required in workplaces, especially in such a difficult unit as Emergency Services, added the CSMP - Sofia.

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