Lin Youxing.

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[Reporter Yi Huici/Comprehensive Report] Artist Lin Youxing married his wife Xiaoyu in 2018 and had 1 daughter. Together with the son born to his ex-wife, the family of 4 lives. The 4-year-old daughter "Xiaohua" is lively and cute, and she is very clingy to her father. He had just finished his role in "A Family Reunion" and unexpectedly encountered another situation. Yesterday Lin Youxing posted that his daughter suddenly had a high fever of 39 degrees, and he couldn't find the cause. He was very anxious and worried.

Lin Youxing and his wife rescued their daughter with a high fever.

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Lin Youxing posted yesterday that his daughter had no symptoms the night before and had a high fever of over 39 degrees. After several investigations and tests, there was nothing abnormal, so he had to go home and observe the gastrointestinal condition in the past two days. He broke down and said anxiously, "Dad is worried about rats."

GINO, the actor of the same drama, left a message of comfort, "Prince and Grandpa bless~", and netizens also left messages, "She will meet a lot of classmates and teachers at school, so she has more contact with her, please take the time to observe", "Children of this age will be like this , may need to be a little older and the resistance will increase, so come on", "You Xing's father and mother have worked hard! I wish Xiaohua a speedy recovery", "Two possibilities, 1 is flu and 2 is stomach flu, let Princess Xiaohua drink it Some vitamin C water, increase resistance."

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