At the Watches & Wonders (W&W) watch and miracle advanced watch exhibition, Hublot launched a variety of evolutions of classic watches. At the same time, it also revealed the third wave of joint series with Takashi Murakami released in New York earlier this year. The brilliant index is fully open.

Regardless of top watchmaking craftsmanship, classic evolution materials, topicality and other levels, Hublot has satisfied watch fans at this year's WW.

The first to challenge the top watchmaking technology is the MP-13 dual-axis tourbillon bi-retrograde watch launched by the new MP series. It is equipped with a dual-axis tourbillon-driven movement. It completes one rotation in seconds, and can appreciate the structural operation at different speeds at the same time when reading; it also provides a double retrograde display function, and a power reserve of up to 4 days is displayed at 11 o'clock. The above three items should be designed together in the same model Watches are not easy for professional watchmakers.

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Hublot MP-13 biaxial tourbillon biretrograde watch, 4,905,000 yuan, limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

The combination of biaxial tourbillon, double retrograde display, and 4-day power reserve is a test of the watchmaker's technology.

Another work that plays with materials is the new Big Bang Integrated tourbillon full carbon fiber chain watch. The total weight of the whole watch is only 68 grams, including the chain belt of 26 grams and the case and movement of 42 grams. It can create such a light The best wearing effect comes from the fact that it is made of lightweight, wear-resistant and strong aluminized carbon fiber (Texalium), equipped with the self-developed and assembled HUB6035 miniature automatic disc tourbillon movement, which is light and accurate.

Hublot Big Bang Integrated tourbillon full carbon fiber chain watch, 3,924,000 yuan, limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

The total weight is only 68 grams, which is light and comfortable to wear.

The Square Bang Unico chronograph series, which will be launched for the first time in 2022, has been highly praised for its unique appearance. Therefore, at this year's WW, new works will be launched. Combining Hublot's good material technology, it will launch black and white ceramic materials and sapphire crystal glass models at one time. , black, white, transparent and colorless make the watch more pure. It is equipped with a self-made HUB1280 UNICO self-winding movement, which upgrades the appearance without losing accuracy and stability.

Hublot Square Bang Unico sapphire chronograph watch, 2,943,000 yuan, limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

Hublot Square Bang Unico ceramic chronograph watch, 815,000 yuan.

(Prices of black and white ceramics are the same)

In addition, there is another focus worthy of attention in the Hublot exhibition area, that is, the third series jointly launched with art master Takashi Murakami published in New York at the beginning of this year. The twelfth single-color smiling flower has not been exposed, but it will wait until the WW debut.

The joint work is based on the classic fusion series models, and the case is made of satin black ceramics while setting off the colorful brilliance of the smiling flower of gemstones. The 13 watches lined up on the exhibition floor are super shocking, and they are bound to become watch fans A dreamy masterpiece that competes with art fans.

The third wave of joint watches between Hublot and Takashi Murakami was in place at WW this year, which was super shocking.

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