The Chief of Morogoro District, Rebeca Nsemwa has called on Morogoro extension officers to be responsible for farmers in providing quality agricultural education, which will enable them to increase production productivity after being provided with motorcycle transportation by the government.

Nsemwa said this on March 27, 2023 at the ceremony of handing over 436 motorcycles to extension officers in the Morogoro region representing the Head of the region, Fatma Mwassa.

He has said that due to the fact that motorcycle transport has been made possible now, they have the ability to reach more farmers even those who are in areas with transportation challenges.

He has said that he currently expects production in the agricultural sector to increase, because they will be able to reach farmers on time and perform their duties at the required time.

Morogoro District Head, Rebeca Nsemwa (left) trying to start one of the motorcycles after handing over Motorcycle 436 to extension officers from nine councils in Morogoro region. (All photos by John Nditi).

"We are sure that our production in our agricultural areas will now improve because our experts will go to reach or reach individual farmers and provide them with quality agricultural education that will bring productivity," said Nsemwa.

The head of the district has said that the motorcycles should be distributed to the officers of each ward in each council of the Morogoro region.

And the Assistant Administrative Secretary for Economy and Production, Dr. Rozalia Rwegasira in a brief statement regarding the motorcycles said that they are fitted with a special device, which shows where the motorcycle is at that time.

He said that the motorcycles will help the extension officers to get the correct statistics of the farmers in their areas, as well as serve them without any problem.