Chanel played with the contrast of black and white to add an interesting style to the watch.

The picture shows Chanel in the watch exhibition room.

(Photo by reporter Lin Xinruo)

Editor’s Note: The 2023 “Watches and Wonders” (W&W for short) will debut in Geneva on the 27th, Swiss time. This year, a total of 48 brands will participate in the exhibition. The status of "one show alone".

When the economy is not clear, each brand focuses on classic or popular series, and adopts the safest strategy. Through material or function upgrades, innovation can still be seen in classics, which is worth looking forward to by watch fans.

Chanel presents the black and white elegant world created by brand founder Ms. Coco Chanel in this year's new watch series. Under the theme of "Interstellar", it is inspired by the vast starry sky and time travel, Using black and white contrast, inject avant-garde and fashionable sci-fi style into classic watches.

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Mademoiselle J12 Cosmic watch, 4,633,000 yuan.

J12 X-Ray Star watch, 26,061,000 yuan.

The most eye-catching X-Ray series expresses the concept of perspective in an innovative way. The sapphire crystal is frosted to present a frosty texture, which contrasts with the sparkling diamonds, giving J12 and Première watches a new look.

"We will travel through the universe at the speed of light, from planets to stars, through the asteroid belt and all the way to the mechanical world. This is a galactic adventure, a spectacular interstellar journey." Arnaud Chastaingt, Director of Chanel Watch Creative Studio, introduced this series.

The Eclipse series is inspired by lunar eclipse. J12 Eclipse is a set of seven watches made of matte black and white ceramics. The first watch is all white to symbolize the light of the full moon. From the beginning, the black area gradually increased, until the seventh work turned into a completely black appearance completely covered by the moonlight, showing the changes of the lunar eclipse.

The Q version of the portrait of Ms. Chanel has added interest to the watch with various styles. This year she flew into outer space and jumped on the surface of the Mademoiselle J12 Cosmic watch. Arnaud Chastaingt said: "Even in the journey of the universe, I also hope that Ms. Chanel Keep it elegant.” So the Q version is wearing an evening dress, with a bow in her hair and a pearl necklace. The dial deliberately does not have hour markers, but uses her hands to indicate the time, adding to the fun of reading.

J12 Eclipse watch set, 7,238,000 yuan.

The star is the lucky symbol of Ms. Chanel. In the Comet series, the Première Hyper Lucky Star watch is decorated with a comet pendant on the crown, which shines brightly with the swing of the wrist. The watch is inlaid with 284 brilliant-cut diamonds. Each link is inlaid with 3 brilliant-cut diamonds. This kind of strap is called "Rivière de Diamants" or "Tennis Bracelet".

Première Hyper Lucky Star watch, 3,764,000 yuan.

Première X-Ray watch, 10,425,000 yuan.

Panerai, Bell & Ross dials play with colors to lighten the fun of reading

Panerai started as a professional military watch. In 1916, it used a Radiomir luminous material containing radium to allow the wearer to read clearly in the dark. Since then, Panerai has become a watch supplier for the Royal Italian Navy. .

This year, Panerai re-engraved the Radiomir series, using a new polishing process to present a strong retro style.

Panerai Radiomir Otto Giorni watch, power reserve 8 days, 45 mm case, 299,000 yuan.

The new Radiomir Otto Giorni watch has the charm of an antique watch at first glance. This is a new polishing process developed by Panerai. It creates an old-fashioned feeling with oxidation and scratches on the eSteel case. It is matched with gradient brown or gradient With a blue dial and a specially treated leather strap, the new watch seems to have been baptized for a long time, with a unique sense of history; The original Radiomir watch made for the Royal Italian Navy is exactly the same.

Panerai Radiomir California watch, power reserve 8 days, 45 mm case, 378,000 yuan.

The California dial (California), which has not been seen for a long time, also appears in the Radiomir series. Its biggest feature is the interlaced display of Roman numerals and Arabic numerals. The outer ring of the dial is equipped with an orbital minute scale. The steel pointer, which gathers the classic elements of Panerai, is bound to become a topic.

Bell & Ross also innovates in the classics. The BR 05 Green Gold watch uses an 18K 5N red gold case with a green dial, which makes Bell & Ross show a rare luxury fashion. In order to present a rich dial color, Bell & Ross uses multi-layer paint The method makes the color richer, and with the radiation pattern treatment, the color change from fluorescent green to dark green can be seen under different light angles.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Green Gold watch, 754,000 yuan.

Grand Seiko's in-house complex movement showcases profound watchmaking craftsmanship

Seiko's advanced watchmaking Grand Seiko series is one of the few Japanese watch brands that can compete with Swiss watchmaking. This year, Grand Seiko launched a mechanical chronograph Tentagraph. Its name represents the high vibration rate of the movement, long-term power storage, and Each of the self-winding chronograph functions highlights the profound watchmaking craftsmanship of Grand Seiko.

Grand Seiko Tentagraph mechanical chronograph, about 474,000 yuan.

The watch's curved profile, wide lugs and low center of gravity design ensure excellent wearing comfort.

The 9SC5 movement equipped with Tentagraph vibrates 10 times per second, which can ensure the high accuracy of the chronograph and the current time. After 17 days of evaluation, 6 positions and 3 temperatures, it reaches +5 to -3 seconds per day. Precision, the revolutionary two-way impact escapement system, brings a 72-hour long-term power reserve.

The appearance of Tentagraph is based on Grand Seiko’s most popular sports watch, the Evolution 9. The pattern on the dial is inspired by the ridgeline of the Grand Seiko Iwate Shizukuishi Workshop. The deep blue is like the night sky of Iwate Mountain. The watch is from the inside The outside shows Japanese aesthetics.

Hermes and Van Cleef & Arpels’ Hidden Romantic Watches Compose Poetic

Hermès has always expressed the function of the moon phase in a unique romantic way. The new Arceau Petite Lune small moon phase jewelry watch, on the blue aventurine dial, the white mother-of-pearl moon, aragonite planets, and opal stars can be seen to form a quiet interstellar space. In space, master craftsmen use three-dimensional relief and depth of field effects to present a beautiful view of outer space. The moon phase display is located at 10:30, showing the beauty of the vast universe in a limited space of 38 mm.

Hermes Arceau Petite Lune small moon phase jewelry watch, 1,627,400 yuan.

Van Cleef & Arpels is good at showing time poetically. The fairy series that appeared in the 1940s has launched a new Lady Féerie watch this year. The fairy sits lightly on a white mother-of-pearl cloud with a pink plique background. -à-jour stained glass enamel and opaque pink enamel glaze are intertwined like a gorgeous sunset. The magic wand in the fairy's hand indicates the time. The watch is equipped with a retrograde function. As time goes by, the fairy seems to dance with it.

Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Féerie watch, price to be determined.

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