The butoh group "Shanhaijuku" led by Japanese national treasure artist Tenji Niuta collaborated with Taiwan's special band "Sorcerer's Order" for the first time.

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[Reporter Wei Jinyun/Taipei Report] The butoh group "Shanhaijuku" led by Japanese national treasure artist Tianji Uda, collaborated with Taiwan's special band "The Order of the Necromancer" for the first time, and released the song "Order of the Necromancer" from the new album " "Invincible", combined with the classic performance images of Shanhai School, deduces a deep spiritual cry.

The dance group "Shanhaishu" founded by Tianer Niu in 1975, under the highly aesthetic choreography, transformed the "dark aesthetics" into a quiet, simple, balanced and oriental mystery. Over the past 48 years, the team's performance footprint Covering nearly 50 countries around the world, it has participated in international art festivals including Avignon Art Festival, Edinburgh Art Festival, Madrid Art Festival, and International Savantino Festival. It is an oriental dance group that is highly respected by the contemporary art world. The influence of its works includes " Many outstanding modern dance troupes, including Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, were invited to perform the classic work "Sound" at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics the year before last.

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Talking about the reason for the cooperation between "Shanhai School" and Shanhai School, lead singer Fu-Fu Xu Weicheng revealed that in 2017, "Shanhai School" came to Taiwan for the fifth time to perform. During the celebration banquet, he and Tian'er Niu Da proposed to cooperate Performing a single MV of "Sorcerer Order", Tian Er Niu Da chose "Invincible" after listening to the 4 new works suggested by Fu-Fu.

"King Kong Order" released the popular music album "King Kong Phoenix" on the global digital music platform on the 1st of this month. Among the dozens of songs produced by the fusion of diverse gorgeous styles and meaningful lyrics, "Invincible" "is considered to be "the deepest and purest spiritual cry". "Children's Order" is combined with dreamy, cold but steady and fiery music, presenting an otherworldly style.

The MV has been uploaded on Youtube, interested people can click to watch.

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