Julia Roberts (Julia Roberts) shared the latest photos on her personal community, wearing a suit with a serious face and posting "Do you want to buy a watch?" as the endorsement of the jewelry and watch brand CHOPARD (CHOPARD), which was praised by fans Absolutely the prettiest salesperson.

Since becoming the spokesperson of CHOPARD, Julia Roberts has been dedicated to her work. Recently, she has shot a number of promotional videos for the classic series of the brand, and shared the joys and sorrows of being a filmmaker behind the scenes. Yesterday (27) she appeared at the Swiss exhibition The Watches & Wonders (W&W) Watches & Wonders (W&W) Watches and Miracles Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, especially left a perfect figure in front of the CHOPARD showcase.

It can be seen that Julia Roberts is wearing a white suit with fringe bangs, and on her wrist is the newly launched Happy Sport 25mm watch with a new diameter, and the new double-loop strap is more stylish feel.

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Julia Roberts was invited by CHOPARD to Switzerland to participate in the Watches & Wonders Haute Horlogerie Fair.

Julia Roberts is wearing the newly launched Happy Sport 25 mm diameter watch, designed as a double-wrap strap style.

CHOPARD's official instagram shared a photo of Julia Roberts standing in front of the back panel, while Julia herself posted a super cute private photo on her personal instagram. It can be seen that she is sitting in front of the display table and caressing with her hands casually. Chin, with the words "Want to buy a watch? (Wanna Buy a Watch?") humorously written, and finally a funny emoticon, the funny post made fans couldn't help forwarding the message, and frequently praised Julia Roberts Is the most beautiful salesman.

The photos shared by Julia Roberts on her personal IG amusingly asked netizens "Do you want to buy a watch?" She was praised as the best salesperson.

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