Experts pointed out that when a child is found to be lying, take a few deep breaths before getting angry, and then congratulate yourself, because it means that the child's abilities have improved in many aspects; the situation is shown, and the characters in the picture have nothing to do with this article.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] When many parents find their children lying, their first reaction is to curse, but speech therapists Ye Junya and Jian Xunru said that before getting angry, take a few deep breaths, and then say congratulations to yourself!

A child's ability to tell lies means that many aspects of his ability have improved, such as theory of mind, inference ability, inhibition ability, memory, observation ability and resilience.

But if you are happy, you still have to deal with the problem of lying.

Ye Junya and Jian Xunru shared in the Facebook fan page "BaeGo Peiguo Education" that a child who was always on time was late for the treatment class, and the parents pushed the child angrily with their schoolbags in their hands and said, "He put the The milk was spilled, and I asked him if he didn’t admit it, saying that it was my younger brother who spilled it. Now I’m only 3 years old and I’m going to lie, what will I do in the future?”

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​Ye Junya and Jian Xunru pointed out that in fact, children can tell lies, which means they have the following abilities:

●Possess theory of mind:

Can infer mental states or ideas by observing other people's behavior, expression, language or actions, and understand what others know and think.

The premise of the child saying "It's not me!" is because he knows that his mother is in the kitchen, and it is impossible to see what happened, so he chooses to lie boldly after thinking about it.

​ ●Deduction ability:

The child understands that if the mother knows that she has spilled the milk, she may be very angry, so she infers the causal relationship of "I spilled the milk, my mother will be angry, and I will be scolded", so I choose "If I say it's not me, my mother won't scold me." If I'm smart, I'll plant my younger brother who usually likes to bite people. For example, "If I say it's my younger brother, my mother will scold my younger brother."

​ ●Have good restraint ability:

Know the facts, but restrain yourself from telling the truth, and try to point your finger at your younger brother without changing face.

​ ●Good working memory:

To maintain consistent lies, you must remember what happened, what you said, and the version of the story you hope the other party will believe, so as to avoid self-contradictory situations.

​ ●Good observation and adaptability:

When children tell a lie, they should watch the adult’s expression and reaction carefully to confirm whether the other party believes what they said, and use this to adjust the content, add additional information on the basis of the lie, and keep calm , and constantly optimize the integrity of the lie.

Ye Junya and Jian Yuru said that the moment a child spills the milk, he can think of so many things in an instant and react after integration. It is impossible to congratulate such a powerful ability.

However, while children should be happy when their abilities improve, it is still important to deal with lying.

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