This is Wu Yushu (left), who is now 5 months pregnant, and the picture on the right shows her 16-week pregnancy without a belly.

(Reposted from Wu Yushu's Facebook page)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Taipei Report] 41-year-old Dongsen News anchor Wu Yushu announced on the 12th that she was 5 months pregnant. She froze the embryos earlier than other actresses popularized egg freezing. However, during pregnancy preparations, oviduct edema occurred, resulting in hydrops in the uterus. , was told by the doctor that "even if the embryo is implanted, it will be washed away", and finally she was able to get pregnant smoothly, which made her shout: "very lucky."

In fact, Wu Yushu was 5 months pregnant before she made it public, and said with a smile that about 80% of her colleagues didn't find out, but 10% of her colleagues were sharp-eyed; yesterday she revealed her 16-week pregnant belly without flatulence, and laughed at herself that her waistline was already the same as that of her husband Zhu Kaixiang. For a while, when she went out every day, she was always worried about which pair of trousers were left to wear.

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Then Wu Yushu said, don't look at her public 16-week pregnant belly is still flat, in fact, she had already gained 2 kilograms at that time, but every nanny who came to the interview was very suspicious when she saw her and asked "Are you pregnant?" , "Why is the stomach so small?" She laughed and said that she should try on clothes. "It's spring, and I really can't see it when I wear a coat." Recently, I occasionally take the MRT, and I think that no one will give her a seat. Woolen cloth!

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