[Reporter Chen Huiling/Comprehensive Report] Musical theater master Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has created classic works such as "Cats", "Phantom of the Opera" and "Evita", just celebrated his 75th birthday a few days ago. He sadly announced the death of his eldest son, Nick, who was also a composer. He died of stomach cancer at the age of 43.

Musical theater master Andrew Lloyd Webber publicly announced the death of his eldest son from stomach cancer.

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The classic musical "Cats" will come to Taiwan again in July this year to tour in North, Central and South. Unexpectedly, the music creator of the play, Andrew Lloyd Webber, reported the news of the loss of his son. He said that his eldest son Nick had been fighting stomach cancer for 18 months, but he was helpless. In the end, he was still unable to overcome the illness. Nick was born to Weber and his first wife. He had three marriages in total. Sarah Brightman, who once sang in Taiwan, was his second wife.

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Weber said that his son died of illness in the hospital, and his family was by his side. The loss of his beloved son made him distraught. He thanked all walks of life for their care and understanding at the most difficult time for him and his family.

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