The Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan continues to control food products imported into the country.

According to the information provided to APA by the agency, within the framework of control measures, 21 tons belonging to the company "

Экономфрукт " of the Republic of Belarus, 21 tons belonging to the company "

Внешняя торговля и переработка

" of the Republic of Ukraine and 20 tons belonging to the company "



of the Russian Federation were imported by the individual Suleymanov Ramin Zahid oglu.

,95 tons of potato products were sampled by Agency employees and submitted to the appropriate laboratory of the Azerbaijan Food Safety Institute for the purpose of determining safety indicators. As a result of the inspections, the applied pests quarantined in all 3 batches of products - ring rot in potato tubers ( Clavibacter michiganensis subsp.


) and potato stem nematode (

Ditylenchus destructor Thor.

) were detected.

Appropriate measures have been taken in accordance with the legislation regarding the fact.

Unusable products were destroyed in the household waste landfill.