Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin welcomed their baby son at the end of last year. The family of three is happy and happy. After being promoted to novice parents, Son Ye Jin has focused on bringing up the children for more than 4 months and has no plans to come back. Earn milk money.

Hyun Bin's behind-the-scenes photos for fashion magazines are full of decadence.

Hyun Bin’s agency recently uploaded a number of behind-the-scenes photos of Hyun Bin for fashion magazines on the community. He is wearing the endorsement brand Loro Piana, the top Italian cashmere brand, with long hair and a beard. The handsome and sunny appearance in the past seems to be decadent and haggard. What's more interesting is that the agency's caption on the photo: "Why Hyun Bin is busy 365 days a year? Sexy, cute, and too busy", which made many Netizens smiled knowingly, and said that the reason why Xuan Bin is currently busy is of course for his precious son.

Netizens commented that Hyun Bin's expression perfectly interprets the mood of having a baby.

Hyun Bin recently showed up. Because of his long hair and beard, he looked quite decadent, even a little haggard. The behind-the-scenes photos he took for the fashion magazine "DAZED KOREA" flowed out. Hyun Bin's expressions and poses, plus The melancholy eyes are completely different from the previous sunny image. I saw him emptying his eyes from time to time, or leaning against the wall to close his eyes for a short rest, which made many netizens laugh and ask: "Is it tiring to bring up children?", "What have you experienced? "" "Please show a sense of happiness", and added that Hyun Bin's expression is simply the best portrayal of "the mood of having a baby", and only those who have been fathers can interpret it in place.

Netizens joked that Hyun Bin seemed to be "tiring to take care of children".

In fact, it is not the first time that Hyun Bin wears a beard and long hair. Netizens found Hyun Bin’s appearance when he attended the movie "Liar" in 2017. He also had long hair and a little mustache, but his cheeks were much plump at that time , looked radiant, and many netizens said: "Hyun Bin can control different styles", "The appearance is still super high", "The acting skills are too good."

Hyun Bin attended the event of the movie "Liar" in 2017, also with long hair and a little mustache.

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