If you are planning to buy a purebred puppy from a kennel from breeders, these tips will help you:

1. If possible, get to know the parents of the puppies.

Feel free to ask for photos and videos of animals.

2. Ask the breeder all the questions you are interested in.

There should be no secrets from you, especially regarding the health of babies.

3. Pay attention to the conditions in which the dog and puppies will be kept: there must be a specially arranged place for games and rest, water bowls, toys, diapers.

4. Animals must be well-groomed and clinically healthy.

5. The breeder must show you the documents of the animals: results of analyzes and examinations, genetic tests if necessary.

If the animal has breeding value, and pedigree, awards at exhibitions, competitions, etc.

6. The puppy should be separated from the mother no earlier than 1.5-2 months.

Pay attention to the condition of the puppy:

  • it is active, joyful, not afraid of contact with people and other puppies.

    In particular, the animal's temperament is manifested at a young age

  • the wool is clean, soft

  • skin is clean, without damage and ectoparasites (e.g. fleas)

  • eyes and nose are clean, without accumulations of secretions

  • the stomach is not bloated, stool is regular, defecation is regular

At the time when you pick up the baby, he must have a veterinary passport, a chip, treatment against helminths and the first vaccination.

It is advisable to draw up a contract for the purchase of a puppy to avoid fraud.

There are many "black" kennels now.

When the puppy is already with you, contact the veterinarian, who will additionally examine the baby and give advice on his future life and health.

If you take a puppy from the street or a shelter, also be sure to consult a doctor.

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