As "A Misty and Wet Day" begins its Taiwan tour, Yoshitomo Nara will arrive in Taiwan this week for a 19-day "overseas residency".

The picture shows a video of Yoshitomo Nara's speech recorded by Yoshitomo Nara, who seldom appeared at the opening of the Taiwan Special Exhibition in 2021.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] The Cultural Association recently announced that it will jointly plan "Travel with a Hazy and Wet Day" with the Nara Yoshitomo Foundation and the Kaohsiung City Government. It will start a 10-year tour plan on April 1; Nara Meizhi also announced on her personal Twitter that she will visit Taiwan again at the end of March.

In this regard, Li Houqing, secretary-general of the cultural association of the organizer, confirmed today (27th) that Yoshitomo Nara will arrive in Taiwan on Wednesday (March 29th) and start his first village residency in Taiwan. , is expected to stay for 19 days.

This is not only Yoshitomo Nara's longest stay in Taiwan (including the record of stay minus the quarantine date during the epidemic prevention period), but also his first time in a country other than Japan.

According to Mr. Wen, for such a long stay in Kaohsiung, Nara Yoshitomo said: "I remembered when I went to Tokyo when I was 10 years old. I also plan to try to enjoy the time spent in Tokyo. That feeling."

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Yoshitomo Nara will come to Taiwan in 2021 to set up the exhibition. For the friendship between Taiwan and Japan, he will meet President Tsai Ing-wen and his beloved cat "Cai Xiangxiang".

(Picture taken from Tsai Ing-wen’s Facebook page)

Wen Zong also pointed out that Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Qimai heard that Yoshitomo Nara will be stationed in Kaohsiung. He said happily that Kaohsiung City has just been named "Taiwan's Most Trendy Art and Cultural Town" by the Hungarian travel magazine "Világjáró". He can't wait to recommend artists to taste Kaohsiung's delicious food. Old flavors, and visits to Hama Star historical sites, religion, ecological trails, and gourmet homestays in military dependents’ villages.

Chen Qimai firmly believes that wandering in characteristic towns such as Qishan, Zuoying, and Meinong, and even winding through forested areas such as Namasia and Jiaxian, the beauty and human kindness of Kaohsiung will definitely leave a deep impression on the artist.

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