If you rate news and talk show hosts at this time...Num-Kanchai Kamdodploy should be at the top of Thailand.

Loud personality, clear sound, dare to attack, dare to fight like other MCs do not dare to do that Young-Kanchai has already beaten them all.

“Nodding the trend” is not just an ordinary news talk, but becomes a “trend” faster than light with strategies, tactics, which are the unique abilities of Num-Kanchai and his team.

Boldly questioning guests is the “charm” of this type of show.

which Young-Kanchai

Break out to show in full location.

Respond fully to the fans of the show!!

This charm makes fans watch and spread the word.

Many news pages are not shy about bringing up both facts and poignant questions.

Brought to be sold as news topics continuously until today.

Recently, the connection with the parties to the issue of "barking dogs" annoys the neighbors, pushing it to become an unbelievable "talk of the town"??

Young-Kanchai catches Mike to interview the dog who caused it.

The show was broadcast live all over the country.

Create a buzz in the social world that has never been seen before in the Thai television industry.

That's right...the guy talks to the dog.

but will talk about it or not, I don't know

What I know is that a group of people suspect that this handsome host has gone too far!!

The corner of the world is beautiful, they say that it's cute. It makes people look stressed out.

Even if the destination understands that

It's the mood of the host who takes it anyway.

But the other side of serious people rebuked that the glowing aura of Num-Kanchai

Immediately extinguished.

Because it's an act of extremes.

disrespectful to the audience

Probably the only famous MC in the world who dares to be so reckless!!