Li Jiahuan released a new song "Things That Love Songs Don't Say".

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[Reporter Zhang Yiling/Taipei Report] Li Jiahuan signed to her new club, Warner Bros., and released a new song "Things That Love Songs Don't Say". She has been single for almost four years, and she has only a little ambiguity. A while ago, she had a "funny" affair. She jokingly asked clients Whether there is a lack of a daughter-in-law, the other party also replied: "What is the lack of a daughter-in-law, I am still looking for a concubine." She couldn't laugh or cry, but she also said that she had a strong sense of morality and could not accept being a concubine.

She said that she once chatted with a boy for half a month, and the other party greeted him with three meals, but later she figured out that the other party had a girlfriend, and immediately stopped the ambiguity, but she did not poke the other party, but slowly faded away, My sister Li Jiawei was also cheated by her boyfriend, will there be any shadow?

She said, "Not at all, I hope my sister can find a good person soon."

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Li Jiahuan has been single for almost four years, only a little ambiguous.

(Provided by Warner)

She came to Taiwan to work hard for more than 5 years, and admitted that her income has been unstable. During the epidemic, she even had zero income for three months. She studied law at university, and now many of her classmates have become lawyers. People who are rushing forward can no longer be seen now, they have already bought a car, bought a house, and are about to get married.”

Do you want to go back to the bar exam?

She expressed that she has thought about it, at least she can support herself, as for whether she is in a hurry to get married?

She thinks it's okay, after all, as a singer, she has many experiences that her classmates will not encounter. When she thinks of her photo, which was on the billboard in New York's Times Square, she feels very encouraged and will continue to persevere.

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