The 42-year-old Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue shared the latest video of being invited to endorse jeans in her personal community. A pair of straight long legs became the focus of attention, and her perfect age-appropriate figure was praised again.

Hirosue Ryoko has been loved by the Japanese fashion circle recently, and not only has she been invited to attend major boutique events, but the latest news is that she has won the position of spokesperson for the jeans brand Edwin in one fell swoop and shot blockbusters and videos full of personality and handsomeness.

In the film, it can be seen that Ryoko Hirosue is wearing a white shirt with dark blue slim-fit denim pants and red high-heeled shoes, standing on the top floor of a high-rise building and taking a photo with the city skyline, showing a fashionable and modern atmosphere.

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Ryoko Hirosue shot a blockbuster image of jeans for Edwin to show her frozen age and good figure.

Netizens focused on Ryoko Hirosue's slender legs, which create a perfect ratio of 37 to her body shape. Although the jeans are a street style item, they are full of femininity.

There is also a scene in the image video where Ryoko Hirosue looks back, and the facial features of frozen age have become a topic again. After watching it, many fans couldn't help saying: "It's still Hirosue 20 years ago", "Too frozen age", "It's so hard to see It's too unscientific to be old."

Hirosue Ryoko has straight and long legs, and her figure remains the same as it was 20 years ago.

Looking back at the scene in the film, even the facial features are frozen in age, which was praised by netizens.

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