100 physical books written by Professor Fu Chaoqing participated in the exhibition.

(Provided by Taiwan Museum)

[Reporter Tu Yingru/Taipei Report] Fu Chaoqing's solo exhibition "Building the Heart with Time Bags" will be exhibited at the Little White House, Nanmen Hall, National Taiwan Museum from March 25.

Fu Chaoqing is an honorary professor of the Department of Architecture of National Cheng Kung University. He also plays the role of writer, architect, and guardian of cultural heritage. His research focuses on the history of modern architecture and cultural heritage in the world and in Taiwan. He has participated in the promotion of many major cultural heritage preservation practices in Taiwan. , continue to introduce and promote the concept of international preservation and maintenance to Taiwanese society.

Li Lianquan, vice-minister of the Ministry of Culture, called him "an enlightener, practitioner, supervisor, and educator of culture and architecture."

This exhibition gathers selected works of Fu Chaoqing, as well as some handouts and manuscripts that have not been officially published or publicly released. 4 major themes are presented.

"Building Time and Space" exhibits 100 physical books or article manuscripts that Professor Fu Chaoqing participated in writing. Each book is accompanied by a short essay of about 200 words, explaining the origin and process of their birth, and clearly showing how an architectural literati uses words and photos. Records Taiwan's architecture and constructs the history of architectural culture; "The Two Wings of History" expounds writing with two important works: "Illustrated History of Western Architecture" and "Illustrated History of Taiwanese Architectural Culture-Architectural Changes from the 17th Century to the 21st Century" and the long history of publishing; "Building Walls with Literature" presents 100 books of "Building Time and Space" in the form of a book wall and the covers of dozens of magazines and periodicals that have published articles; "Unfinished Business" shows that they have not been officially published or published manuscripts, typescripts and photographs.

"Time Bag Architectural Heart: The Architectural World in Professor Fu Chaoqing's Works, Manuscripts, and Cameras" is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Museum Cultural and Educational Foundation, the National Taiwan Museum, the Chengda Architectural Cultural and Educational Foundation, and the National Cheng Kung University Art Center. On April 16, it was exhibited at the Little White House, Nanmen Hall, National Taiwan Museum.

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